Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Um...not so much

So tonite was a very surreal evening. This restaurant was just part of it. Went with a friend to this restaurant near her house. When she told me it was like a Golden Corral, I was moderately reluctant, but I was hungry. There were maybe 15 customers in there...10 of which were a big party (which I found odd). The place as really big, with lots of food...all going to waste because nobody was there.  They were playing Christian elevator music with was very incongruent with the surroundings. The song I heard while first getting seated was one of the songs we played for the kiddos in the Romanian orphanage I spent time in...so I was having a flashback moment...weird. The food was awful!!  So when we were leaving, I noticed this sign on the front door about easy seating. Really?

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